The Rare Life Program


Is it moral?

Do I have it in me?

Rule #1: Vision, Belief, Sacrifice


1. What is your vision for you life/career/sport?
Example: I have a vision to change 10 million lives with my programs. To alter lives. When I’m tired, it wakes me up. When I’m bored, it makes me excited. When I’m lost, it reorientates me. Another example: I see myself owning a jet (I love to travel.) I can see it. I see how I’ll feel about myself if I achieve that.

2. Start to believe that it’s possible. Tell yourself, see it, and feel it like it’s real. How much will you visualize it? Can you let go of doubt AND be fueled by that little bit of doubt?


3. What are you willing to sacrifice?

  • Physically
  • Food
  • Relationship
  • Comfort
  • What people think of you
  • Shyness

You won’t be able to succeed (at least consistently) without sacrifice.

Rule #2: Put the “Fun” in Fundamentals


What are the fundamentals of your industry? Here are some examples: 

  • Writer: grammar and plots and sentences and reading
  • CEO: marketing practice, sales pitch, studying competitions
  • Salesperson: role playing, pitches, deals, product details
  • Musician: fundamental movements and practicing songs
  • Basketball: jump shots and dribbling
  • Quarterback: throws and learning offense
  • Golfer: Swings, shots
  • Artist/Architecture: Draw/sketch daily

Rule #3: Only 18 Hours of Freedom


1. Commit that every moment is a choice.
2. Sacrifice! Give up fun time for work time!
3. Pick your 18 hours to rest (It’s okay if this is 36 hours as well. Some killers do this.

Rule #4: Be Patient and Impatience

Hit every day hard. Bully the day. And be patient.

Inside you is a killer, but every killer listens to wise old man too. Still, some people confuse the wise old man, patience, for apathy and cowardice.

Bonus: Igorning the “Wise” Men: Leonidas
In the movie 300, Leonidas the leader of Sparta goes to see the wise old men about fighting the Persians. Leonidas knows the Persians are coming to invade Sparta and wishes to go out and meet them. But the wise men, the seers know as Ephors, deny him permission. Leonidas ignores them and goes to the meet the invading empire. At times, you will have to ignore the “wise” people around you and do what you think is right if you will be a Killer.

Warning: Rated R + Partial Nudity

Rule #5: Love Isolationism and be an Extremophile

How many nights and mornings have you spent working on your craft… alone?
Are you willing to sacrifice the comforts others have to achieve what you want?

Rule #6: Find a Torturer

Francis Bacon said that scientists “torture nature” to get answers. Who is your torturer? Who do you trust to push you? It may be a digital program like this… Best is a real person who wants the best for you but is unafraid to push you. Why do you think special operations guys are so bad ass? They are pushed beyond what they thought was possible by “torturers.”

Rule #7: Compare Yourself to Others in this Respect

*Compare yourself to others – the best in your field’s work ethics
*How many reps are they getting per day? What do they read? How many hours a day? Who did they study under? How do they view the world?

Rule #8: Do Not have an Imagination of Failure

Rule #9: Ask Constantly: Am I being a Loser?

Rule #10: Do Not Fall in Love with the Struggle

Rule #11: Bet on Yourself

Rule #12: F*ck How You Feel

Rule #13: Saying “No!” to Yourself

1) Say NO to your laziness
2) Say NO to your self lacerations (don’t beat yourself up!)

Rule #14: Know that Confidence is NOT merely Belief in Yourself

Components of Confidence
*90% Reps (Mental and Physical Repetitions)
*10% Abstract Belief that You Can Do It + Experience of Success + Being Peer Reviewed Positively

Rule #15: Make Success a Religion

Rule #16: Do not do “Fake Work”

Rule #17: Be able to take Harsh Criticism

Rule #18: Do not Wait to “Be Chosen”

Rule #19: Siphon Hate and Doubt

Rule #20: Learn the Art of not “Having to” and Preferences

Rule #21: Know the Power of Streaks

Rule #22: Be Curious about Your Fears

Rule #23: The Law of Hard Work and the Tendency of Attraction

Rule #24: Value Having Energy Above All

Diet Options:
*pH Miracle
-The Killer Diet is coming soon.

Sleep Help
Get to sleep at night with this audio

Hard Exercises

Soft Exercises
Tai Chi

Rule #25: Focus

PART II: Paranoia and the Killer Instinct

The Knowing Nucleus

Encirclement Fear

Seeing Signs in Everything

Negative Revelation

Phobia of Contamination

Paranoid Haste

Operate in Secrecy

Pseudologia Fantastica

Preemptive Strikes



PART III: The Dark Powers of Killers
The Dark Power of “Non-Application”

The Dark Power of Killer Luck

The Dark Power of Enjoying the Suffering of Others in Your Way



The Dark Power of Addictive Personality (“OCD”)

The Dark Power of Brilliant Stupidity

The Dark Power of Loving Being Secondary

The Dark Power of Compartmentalization

Only Talking to a Few of You
The Few, the Proud, the Apex Predators



Defend the Kingdom

This video is related

The Spirit of Buffalo County

“The Spirit of Buffalo County”

Somebody; said that it could’nt be done,
But he, with a chuckle, replied,
That “maybe it could’nt; but he would be one
Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.
So he buckled right in with the Trace of a grin
On his face; if he worried he hid it. He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

Somebody scoffed, “Oh, you’ll never (do) that;
At least nobody ever has done it.” But he took off his coat, and he took off his hat,
And the first thing he knew he’d begun it. With the lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
If any doubt rose he forbade it. He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
There are thousands to prophesy failure, There are thousands to point out to you one by one
The dangers that wait to assail you, But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,

Then take off your coat and go to it; Just start to sing as you tackle the thing
That cannot be done, and you’ll do it.

First: Set Your Nightmares

The importance of setting nightmares cannot be overrated. Do this drill. Listen to the music below and set these nightmares – type them or get a journal to write them down:

Body (appearance)

Morals/Virtues (honesty, boldness, courage)

Intellect/Education (e.g. if you don’t read a certain number of books, go to school, etc.)

Health (Diet, energy, drugs, alcohol, etc.)

Money (credit score, travel, clothes, cars, where you live, house, home, those who rely upon you etc. – what will that look like?)


Ultimate Goal/Passion


Any other category you can think of, go ahead and add it


Second: Set Your Dreams

Now set your dreams/visions – get EXCITED! Think big. Think enormous. Set 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year goals. And ultimate goals and dreams.

Body (appearance) 

Morals/Virtues (honesty, boldness, courage)

Intellect/Education (e.g. if you don’t read a certain number of books, go to school, etc.) 

Health (Diet, energy, drugs, alcohol, etc.) 

Money (credit score, travel, clothes, cars, where you live, house, home, those who rely upon you etc. – what will that look like?) 


Ultimate Goal/Passion


Any other category you can think of, go ahead and add it 


DAILY: Every 15 Mintues

This is my phone, all my alarms set.

DAILY: Become Possessed

DAILY: Affirmations

Get your body, face, voice, vision, and emotion involved with these! Say with total body mind and feeling.
*I could care less what others think!
*When I feel lazy, I say to hell with my feelings and I go to work!
*I will sacrifice anything I need to to achieve my goal!
*I’m a curious about my fears, I love to explore them!
*I can do it! I know I can do it!
*I siphon off the haters and doubters negative power and it gives me power!

DAILY: This is Not Okay


DAILY: Visualization (Make it Real Now)


GOAL: Visualize your main goal, your ultimate goal. See the process. Go inside your body.
RELATIONSHIPS: Visualize/feelulize successful relationships with family, friends, and lovers.
OTHERS: See others being successful, those you care about.
WORDLY: Material things, body, health.
SPIRIT: Your spiritual qualities, for a killer it might be honesty and boldness.

DAILY: Heat Checks


WEEKLY: Nightmares and Dreams

*You should review your nightmare and goal sets you did at the beginning.

*Make a list of your nightmares for the following.
>Feel free to add your categories

*Now a list of your dreams, the opposite and greater of those categories, for the same categories:
>Feel free to add your categories

WEEKLY: Review (and add to) Fuel List

WEEKLY: Review Goals

MONTHLY: Touch Goals

MONTHLY: Review Program

MONTHLY: Pick 30 or 100 Day Challenges

In this day and age we lack FOCUS. Picking three 30 day challenges every month has RADICALLY improved my efficiency.

MONTHLY: The Never Again List

Create this list, and review it monthly.

Lack of Confidence: Smash the Small Self

Unsure what to do? Warrior and Sage Drill

Common Archetypes

  • Warrior/Killer Archetype
  • Sage/Wise Old Man/Woman Archetype
  • Comedian/Jokester Archetype


Shy? The Fierceness Tornado

Sleep like a Killer
Coming Shortly!

BONUS #1: Bios of Killers
Elon Musk


  • Independent – own man, see his Twitter
  • Competitive – wants to win (laughs at competition)
  • Bold visionary – to hell with other people’s neurons
  • A bit of contempt for lazy, small thinkers

Dark Side

  • Volatile temper like Jobs and Gates and Jordan
  • Will push people under them
  • Not worired aobu ttheir karma (Jobs later in life was, he was a man battling with being a warrior and a saint)

Tiger Woods

*Trained psychologically from a young age
*Intimidating because his skill
*Obsessively competitive
*Dark Side: conquering everything, women, voracious appetite

Michael Jordan


  • Unreal Work Ethic
  • Wants to beat the best
  • Psychological Warfare
  • Creates a Fuel List (lives off doubters) – Siphoning
  • Psychotically Competitive
  • Only Small Outbursts of Anger, then the Simmer
  • Worships Pressure
  • Fundamental Obsessed
  • Creativity came from it

Spirit Animal

  • Black Cat

Dark Side:

  • Can be cruel to teammates, owners, opponents, etc.
  • Not faithful to wife allegedly

Steve Jobs

*Volatile temper
*Makes people around them raise their standards
*Wicked “good luck” – things turned out in his favor in his career
*Dark side, ability to compartmentalize his “sins”
*Great tension between the Killer and Saint

Winston Churchill


  • Sense of Destiny – Save Europe
  • Monomaniacal Focus on Hitler – banned from coffee parties
  • Has fun – Quotes. Half an dHalf. I’d drink it.
  • Thinks that I am the new king. When Hilter was gaining power he recited this poem
    Who’s afraid of the clattering train.
  • Leads men, even though none follow at the beginning

Spirit animal:


Dark Side: 
Fought Depression with painting

I am a Great Man


The Clattering Train

Who is in charge of the clattering train?
The axles creak, and the couplings strain.
For the pace is hot, and the points are near,
And Sleep hath deadened the driver’s ear;
And signals flash through the night in vain.
Death is in charge of the clattering train!


Recent Churchill movie

The Gathering Storm 

Tom Brady


  • Maverick Thinking: Trainer and Diet; doesn’t care what other neurons are firing.
  • Trains his mind. Uses brain training to fall asleep and stay sharp.
  • Enjoys competition: He often compliments players who sack him. (Also mind games>) Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett said Brady compliments players who sack him.

  • Looks for help: Hired a psychologist to help him being a 7th string QB at Michigan.

  • Abides by the Law of Hardwork: From an article I read, it says that : “Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said Brady goaded him into working out at 5:30 A.M. by saying “Good afternoon!” every time Harrison arrived at 6:30 A.M.”
  • Monomaniacal: Only football.. Here is a quote: “I do go to bed very early because I’m up very early. I think that the decisions that I make always center around performance enhancement, if that makes sense. So whether that’s what I eat or what decisions I make or whether I drink or don’t drink, it’s always football-centric. I want to be the best I can be every day. I want to be the best I can be every week. I want to be the best I can be for my teammates. I love the game and I want to do it for a long time. But I also know that if I want to do it for a long time, I have to do things differently than the way guys have always done it.”
  • Always seeking perfection: Throwing coach… goes to bed at 830
  • Irrational Confidence: Best decision, baddest motherfucker. Brady knew he’d be great. When he was drafted, he told Patriots owner Robert Kraft, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.”
  • Has fun! Talks strays, Rex Ryan audible call. They just understand esitmeate how much fun KILLERS have. They are wolves in a blood lust in a chicken Koop. Destruction.
  • Underdog Paranoia: 6th round
  • Greater in Crunch Time: 5 game winning Superbowl Drives
  • Quiet Killer: Doesn’t go public with it
  • Defends the Kingdom: Stays on top, MJ like, Richard Branson like
  • Everything is a challenge: paid practice squad guys who interspersed him. MAKE THE PARCITIRE REAL.
  • Patient and in a Hurry: Wants to win now, patient in the pocket
  • Rage of Losing: Brok a ping pong paddle. (MJ did the same type of thing often).
  • Former teammate Darrelle Revis described Brady’s desire to win as a “sickness.”
  • Similarly, Huard called Brady a “psychotic competitor,” referencing a time Brady threw a backgammon board across the room because he lost.
  • Everyone is competition. Former Patriots backup Damien Huard said Brady once gave his teammates a pep-talk to make sure they wouldn’t lose to a group of local firemen in a charity game.
  • Holds others to high standards: Works on body language because he gets so frustrated with mediocre

Dark Side:

  • Accused of cheating

Saint Franics

Another version of Saint Francis’s life has him recovering from illness, still wanting to be a knight, but then having a vision. One day while walking he sees a man with leprosy, gets off his path, and embraces the man.
Photo: The statue of Francis the Knight stands outside the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi.




More coming soon!
Serena Williams
Ayn Rand
Arnold Schwarzenegar
Sylvester Stallone
Jeff Bezos
Margaret Thatcher
Bobby Fischer
Cyrano de Bergerac (Fictional)
Howard Roark (Fictional)
Father Faria (Fictional)

Please email if you’d like me to breakdown a Killer, I’ll see if I can do it!

You are Not Alone in Isolation

Their Neat Places

In memory of Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most prolific and widely popular designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, who has died today at 85.
Lagerfeld was Creative Director of Chanel for an era-defining, age-defying 36 years. Upon assuming the reins in 1983, Lagerfeld swiftly revived Chanel, reinterpreting the house founder’s iconic tweed skirt suits, little black dresses, and quilted handbags. He did it via the lens of hip-hop one season and California surfer chicks the next—he was a pop culture savant—without ever forgetting what the revolutionary Coco stood for: independence, freedom, and modernity. His iconic work for over half of a century will be remembered as a many faceted, brilliant, and irreplaceable talent. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, September 2018 link


Promise before You Have It

Dress the Archetype

Dress nice but somedays you will have THE HUSTLER WRINKLE!

This is Andre Leon Talley, born in the Southern United States – he taught himself French and became a tremendous fashion icon and critique. He said he learned to dress nice growing up and watching his mother and grandmother get ready for church. He didn’t have much money but he said that was no excuse – with whatever money you can afford, buy the best and nicest you can. My favorite idea from him is that you are not so much dressing for others, you are dressing to present yourself to God. Even if you aren’t religious, dressing nice is a form of gratitude for existence.
Check out his documentary – I really liked it

Killers Don’t Have Time to Judge

You Can’t Stand in Place

If you are starting from zero (or negative) – man up!

If I have shyness, they won’t buy this

Crown Shyness

Use Your Downtime

After Success

Find Superior People PLUS You Will Love what you are Good At

One Bite at a Time

The Goldfish Mind

Fear is at the Beginning

Be a W.O.L.F.

This is from another channel of mine, but I think it is fighting for this program as an bonus lecture.

The Van Gogh Complex

Monastic Periods

There are Different Types of Killers

A Killer is a Killer 24/7

If Someone Else has Done it, I can Do it!

Smart and not just hard work

The Greatest Commercial Ever for Killers

Irrational Confidence

Be the Energy!
(Coming soon!)

Don’t “Fake it til you make it” like This

Killer Time

Music in Program
Go to War

Title: War
Artist: GoSoundtrack
Genre: Cinematic
Mood: Inspirational

Endless Storm

“Makai Symphony – Endless Storm”

Suggested Readings
Relentless by Tim Grover
Superego by Edmund Bergler
Further Reaches of Human Nature by Abraham Maslow
Genius by Eyseneck
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson
Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

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