Shadow Work

I’ve spent a decade or so delving into the unconscious. My practice is similar to what Carl Jung did in his famous “Red” book. I went into the unconscious using a few different methods: dreams, visions, automatic writing, etc. I still investigate the unconscious each morning. In so doing, I came across the “dark side” of the personality, and I went deep into it and explored it. In this program, we are going to explore the shadow, and expand on Jung (and Freud) a bit.  We’ll tie in world events, history, stories from psychology, and neuroscience. That side of you you perhaps repress or ignore or are afraid of. We’ll try to understand it very deeply, and show what we can do about it. We’ll note how it operates in your life, in your relationships, and in the world at large. At the end of this program you’ll be able to see the shadow where you didn’t before, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your own nature as well as human nature. I think in the end, understanding the shadow can help you grow as a person, and also help you develop empathy for others.

About Me

My name is Dillon Freed. I have a degree in psychology and a master’s in neuroscience (I’m just finishing up my thesis as a matter of fact). I’ve made self-enhancement programs for nearly two decades. I also am an entrepreneur in a variety of industries, and I love to write fiction, read (everything), hike, golf, dive, and travel.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn, in great depth, about the archetype of the shadow
  • Learn how the shadow shapes your personality
  • Learn how the shadow impacts your relationships
  • Learn how the shadow is active in the world
  • Learn how to overcome the shadow and/or integrate the shadow into your life