*To have faith is to see the future with all the surety of a prophet. It is a cool expectation, not a hot desperation. There is no strain, no fretting – faith is knowing that what you see in your mind will come into being – or perhaps, something even better.

*You must be very pure sky of confidence. Let the storms and rain come and go. They will arise and thrash. But the sky is empty, remains pristine, sure of itself, unsullied.

*The highest power of the will is that it can void itself and allow a greater Will to infuse the self.

*Everyone asserts “be yourself,” but for most people it is wise to pretend to be someone else for a while. To feel what greatness feels like, or evil. To get in your bones that which to aspire, that which to avoid.

*Don’t be yourself – you probably need fixing up.

*The world sits on a volcano of repressed emotions. The tectonic plates of the collective are active. We all live on a ring of fire. But the stability of just a few can stabilize vast regions. Deal with your repressions.

*In the city it’s good to be witty; in the farm and wood it’s only good to be good.
COMMENTARY: I live in Manhattan – conversations there are much different. They are made of angles and quickness – attempts to inscribe on the memory of the other one’s own intelligence. In the country, things are spoken that are rounded and soft – there is an aim toward love and health and the spirit. I adore both conversations.

*If it fits on a bumper sticker, your idea is too small.
COMMENTARY: I recognize the hypocrisy of this (see my Instagram account). But what I am referring to are all those who really think that life can be summed up in a short sentence. Things spread out far wider than a quote, go far deeper, and hopefully will even reach upward. All of earth, all of hell, and possibly to heaven – that’s the expanse of good ideas, a spherically billowing.

*Today, the challenge is that people – even our educated ones – cannot use a scale. Too many things weigh the same in the minds of the masses. Goofiness and gravitas are evened out. Silly, sublime; bitchings, blessings. That which works and that which wrecks. Failed ideas and flourishing ones. Wisdom is knowing the weight of things; that not all things are equal; that the world is a hierarchy and discernment is key to rising.