Pick the opposite of these weak thoughts.
Nothing I do works.
It feels awkward changing my story.
The ones I like never like me.
I worry about business things never working out
Looking at other successful people and thinking: “I thought that was going to be me.”
Feeling slow and not fast on my feet.
Nothing ever works out.
I’m not very attractive.
I feel impatient with others.
I have nothing to offer.
Things work now, but they won’t keep working.
It’s a fluke… that sort of idea when I start doing well EX: I got some BV and BB sales.. and I am scared it won’t last.
Anything good is a fluke.
I have no control over my body.
I can’t do it. This won’t work.
I’ve tried everything.
No solution exists.
What if it never works out.
Looking for someone else to do it.
I regret my choices.
Feeling like bad son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, father, mother.
I feel like I’ve lost time.
I’m older AGE no money no home no wife no kids
I feel unsuccessful.
I am afraid I won’t be very good and people will think I’m dumb/boring/not funny.
Feeling hatred for another party/political idea/coworker.
I’m too old. I’m too young. I’ve missed my chance.
Rage about lies on the Left and Right politically
Things aren’t working out, I’m too ld
It’s not worth it, what’s the point, it’s not spiritual.
Why didn’t it happens sooner, I’m so old.