My name is Dillon Freed. I have spent my entire life studying the “Apex Predators” among us, those who have a killer instinct. I have made programs like Basketball Brain, BoingMIND, No Nervous, Float, GeniusCOMPETITOR, GeniusSPACE, and VizzyGenius. Over half a million people have used some version of my programs.

Being a killer isn’t always pretty; and perhaps it is not always moral. But we cannot deny that it is effective and many of the greatest achievers among us have this quality.

The program goes through the personality characteristics of these Apex Predators. We also teach you how to develop it within yourself – some are “Natural Born Killers” – others are “Artificially Born Killers” – created by using programs such as this. We explore the similarities between sociopathy and paranoia and the killer instinct mindset along with the spiritual/altruistic consequences of adopting such a mindset. The tension between being a warrior and a decent person. We talk about the “Dark Powers” killers have and use. We will also do breakdowns of great “Apex Predators,” including: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Winston Churchill, and more.

This program will help you develop a Killer Instinct mindset.
>Over 7 Hours of Lectures
>Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Drills to Develop the Killer
>Specialized Drills to Fix Up any Weaknesses You May Have
>On-Going Lecture Series (New Content Added Regularly)
>Biographical Lectures on Killers in a variety of Fields
>Suggested Reading list
>Killer Instinct Cheat Sheet (PDF) (A summary of the program content)