Be on your own financially

Learn some self-defense

Have toughness

Be clean

Be ready for tragedy

Favor boldness in situations

Merit is rewarded

Be brave in expressing love

Obey the law of hard work

Get life insurance

Know what to do in emergencies

Do not be a fool regarding politics

Give up feeling guilty and needing to be perfect

Let go of petty thoughts

No more complaining

Show up and be on time

Treat your mind like a child

Be honest

Keep your promises

Eat right, stay in good shape

Do away with guilt

Curse very little

Never hit a woman

Do not be envious of others, you are your own man

Release negative emotions, do not just block them off

Work on Weaknesses (WOW)

Learn how to be optimistic

Monitor your mood – so vital

No jealousy in relationships

Have long term focus

Do not think hurtful thoughts

Have routines and hobbies

Develop a relationship with discomfort

Anticipate the needs of others

Keep your credit score high

Save money

Invest money

Dress your part

Learn new things and take notes, review those notes often

Think for yourself, no group think

Be the “space”

Only results matter, not intention (especially in relationships)

You will always regret these things

Loyal in love in all ways

Do not care what others think

No gossiping

Have a spiritual life – this may be most important of all

Women are attracted to men who are growing (people in general are too)

Have a good GPA, get an education

Be kind

Apologize when appropriate

Be able to weep at beauty